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The Space is the leading digital arts commissioning programme in the world. We are looking for the world’s leading digital arts innovators of today and the future. 

Are you the future of digital art? 

Make art? Of course you do. Your life is art, baby. 

You have 31 days left to pitch your idea. Don’t dilly-dally. The future of digital art doesn’t dilly-dally. Do it. 


Voie lactée cilaos (explored) (by Olivier Henguelle)

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You don’t forget. You just move past it. Let go. Be who you were supposed to be instead of who they make you feel like you should be
Jessica Sorenson. 


DIY “I Knit So I Won’t Kill People” Glitter Pillow Tutorial. I posted a similar pillow Donatella did here (also link to a pattern with a similar quote in knitted form) using the same freezer paper stencil. Donatella’s paint recomendations are always spot on because she actually washes whatever she makes and after she washed this the glitter paint was still there! Tutorial from inspiration & realisation here.


Brian Dettmer - Book Autopsy, 2005


Utilizing thousands of needles and fine thread New York artist Jeremy Dean has created these mixed media prints of the American flag.

WoW the detail!

WoW the detail!